As a company, we are able to provide our customers with a full design, installation and planned and reactive maintenance on a wide range of services. Our key areas are gas and oil fired heating equipment, air conditioning, ventilation systems and plumbing services.

We can also provide our contract customers with a 24/7 callout service to provide them with the peace of mind that their business can carry on to operate with the minimum of disruption.

Whether you have a large office block or a house, ventilation is important in all buildings not only to provide a comfortable living and working environment, but also to protect the fabric of the building.

Systems can be simple supply and extract systems in houses and small offices, to large air handling systems in office blocks and public buildings. To comply with current energy regulations, most systems now incorporate heat recovery units as part of the system. The heat recovery unit is designed to use the heat from the extract air to pre-heat the fresh air coming into the building; this reduces both the heat lost through the extract air as well as the energy required to pre-heat the incoming fresh.


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